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The Facing Project

The Facing Project: Nonprofit Advertising

The Facing Project is a nonprofit organization that connects people who are experiencing similar life circumstances by providing tools and a platform to engage with others in a community. The Facing Project recruits local writers, storytellers, and actors to share stories that could empower and educate others who are facing similar experiences. The Facing Project approached Studio 165+ wanting a “What We Do” design that illustrated a description of The Facing Project and a “How We Do It” graphic explaining how a community could start their own model facing project community.

I had fun designing a variety of characters in the initial concept phase; ranging from overly simplified bubble characters to more interactive proportional forms.

In the final form, the client wanted a more scrappy style to fit the feeling that the Facing Project encompasses. I used my illustrative skills to help make additional characters and poses for any of the assets needed in the project.

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