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Mission, Visions, Values

Indiana Packers Corporation

Indiana Packers Corporation underwent a massive revamp of their mission statement and how it applies to their employees. Their new values; Integrity, Sustainability, Accountability, Collaboration, and Respect, are set up to be the basis for how the company evaluates itself.

However, this was not just a change for upper management. The company encouraged its employees to help with the evaluations with the Down-to-Earth giveaway. We created a quad section poster, 2 postcards, and a follow-up newsletter to be sent out and viewed by the employees.

We started the campaign off with 18x24 posters that were put around the company offices. These posters needed to accommodate the large variety of languages that IPC's employees speak and read, so we had limited space to have necessary information. Once the information was situated to be on the poster 4 times we sent off the designs to translators to interpret select sections.

This process extended into the postcards where a total of 16 languages were translated. These postcards were sent out 2 weeks apart in the middle of the campaign to remind employees to participate.

4-quad poster mockup.png

The high volume of necessary information as well as the format of a standard postcard made this a challenging piece, but I enjoyed creating a sleek easily legible piece that was going to be viewed by thousands of employees across multiple languages. 

It was even more exciting to get all the data from employee responses and formulate that into a follow up newsletter. It was wonderful to see upper management listening and having a response to make a better workplace environment. The design files and final designs had to be rotated a bit so the newsletter unfolded in an orderly fashion, but it was worth the effect. Each piece of information built up to the next until we finally revealed the numbers and next steps.

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