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Shopper Marketing Campaign

NewPoint Marketing

From the top creative minds of NewPoint Marketing, our team created a campaign to push her new eBook, Own the Cart. This consisted of formatting the book into an easily digestible digital publication, an advertising animation to be shared across social media, and a webpage to download the book.

As an eBook, we had much more creative liberties with colors and compositions. Each page was designed to stand out an emphasize key pieces of information.


The chapters were divided into brightly colored chapters to keep readers attention as well as unify graphics across topics.


Illustrations were made to emphasis a casual shopper's experience and simple colors made the details pop even with limited shading. 

7193-OwnTheCart eBook_Page_01.png
7193-OwnTheCart eBook_Page_04.png
7193-OwnTheCart eBook_Page_28.png

The animation to advertise the eBook was such a fun project for one of my first long animations. 

With copy in hand, I went to work on a storyboard ready too time it to fun graphics and music. Once that was approved I started with animating the words and large sections to the music, followed by the smaller character movements. 

Finishing off the entire animation with papercraft layer controls was such a fun touch to learn and lent it a physical look not seen in most modern digital ads.

The final key piece of this campaign was developing a webpage on the NewPoint site that lead readers to downloading the book.

Taking key graphics from the book and a little WordPress magic, we created a page that showed the personality of the book at lead readers to a download form to see the book in its entirety. 

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