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Queer Chocolatier

Queer Chocolatier Branding

Queer Chocolatier strives to provide high-quality, handmade chocolate confections while also standing in solidarity with queer and trans folx. At Queer Chocolatier, they are unapologetic in whom they love. They find beauty in diversity and provide indulgence for all. Queer Chocolatier approached Studio 165+ seeking a new identity for their storefront shop in Muncie. 

The identity was carefully designed to feature characteristics that represent their products. The logomark is an abstraction of “Q” and “C” combined together to represent the shape of Queer Chocolatier’s truffles. The tail of “Q” forms the “C” and represents Queer Chocolatier flowing outside of conformity and onto their own path. The logomark is paired with a strong yet elegant typeface to reiterate the craft and care put into their delicate products.  

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